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With ready access to London, Basingstoke is a fast paced, vibrant and modern business location that offers a fantastic lifestyle.

Why <b>Basingstoke</b>? -

Why Basingstoke?

We're a town built for business. It's what drives and excites us. And we've not forgotten the importance of quality of life either.

We're proud of our unpretentious approach of doing business and living life well. We think you will be too.

Built for <b>business</b> -

Built for business

From our earliest origins, Basingstoke has been driven by commerce; a desire to increase prosperity and develop our town’s industry and infrastructure.

Our plans for the future are ambitious.

<b>Skills</b> -


Basingstoke is already home to a highly-educated, highly skilled population (41,600 in fact).

You can recruit locally to find the people who'll help drive your business.

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<b>Property</b> -


Thinking big or small? We have offices that can work for you - from HQ buildings to start-up office space.

Who's <b>here?</b> -

Who's here?

Regarded nationally and internationally as a desirable place to do business, there's a real energy here that comes from such a dynamic business community.

<b>Lifestyle</b> -


Basingstoke is built for business, but that’s just the start of the story. Outside of work, there’s plenty to do, from shopping, eating and drinking through to enjoying the surrounding countryside.

96% of residents think it's a great place to live.

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Repost from @thetypefacegroup using @RepostRegramApp - What a fantastic campaign this was
Flashback to last year when we had the pleasure of working on the phenomenally well-received art trail known as ‘Sitting With Jane

Did you come and do the trail
Which was you favourite book bench
If you are one of the lucky (and generous) owners where is it now

Scroll ?? to see a few of our faves

Photos by @grace_tf

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Fantastic idea for a great cause??- Repost from @robholte using @RepostRegramApp - To celebrate the start of the World Cup, Fortem Financial Management have put these #Basingstones around Basingstoke. If you return these to the Fortem Financial Management office at Worting House they will pay you £5 and donate £25 to the Ark Cancer Centre Charity. They will keep putting them back out throughout the World Cup so get hunting #Basingstones #arkcancercentre #fortemFinancialManagement
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Beautiful flowers???? Have you seen our #lovebasingstoke signs?